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Are you interested in living the best and happiest life possible, then a good way to start is to educate yourself. Insightbox is a monthly subscription box for books so that you never need to think about which book you should read next to rise to your greatest potential. The company was founded, because we want to help people to bring the best out of themselves and change their life for the better.

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Every month we send books to you!

Get Book Summaries

We will send you a summary for every book so that you don't need to read them again. And can easily find the most important knowledge out of the book.

eBooks / Books /Audiobooks

(Next version)InsightBox can send you physical copies by mail or you can get audiobooks and ebooks send via e-mail, if you want. Right now just physical books.

Choose your theme

You can choose your theme from 17 different options. When signed up you will also be able to change these online to fullfill your present needs.

Expanding your Knowledge

InsightBox will send you the books in the right order to perfectly extend your knowledge and help you develop excellent skills to make your life prosperous.

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You choose how many books you will get and then get them shipped to you to your specifications.

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You will get a box like this one and your quantity of books you choose when you registered.

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Join Insightbox to get smarter Faster and better information from your books. You will save a lot o time and energy you could use else where.

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